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Joseph Sardashti
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Joseph Sardashti A taste of Oklahoma's best hardcore. Some fine young lads. Favorite track: Empty Threats.
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released December 10, 2013

Split with our friends in Upright. We've been playing shows together for years now so it just made sense.

Recorded by Colton Jean
Artwork by Preston Smith



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Thought Crime Oklahoma

We're a hardcore band from Oklahoma. We've been around for awhile, played a few shows.

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Track Name: Pulling Chains (Intro)
I walk in this world, chains between my feet
Shackles around my ankles, why can't I be free
I'm so trapped, only feel cold
All because I don't believe what I was told
Break me out
Feel like I don't belong, feel like I've done you wrong
Flipped my world upside down, don't know where I'm among
Break me out
Pulling chains, all because I think this way
You've trapped me in a corner with no room to breathe
Track Name: Oracle
Oh Oracle

I seek your guidance, can’t make sense of this
I run in circles, and now I’m here again

Please tell me my own fate, with your all-knowing eyes
I’m forever lost, no matter what I try

So look into my eyes, I’ll tell you what I find
Then tell me that I’m blind, that I can’t see
So cast away my mind, I think that I’ll be fine
Can’t help but think that there’s something to me

So, I’ll search for what I’ve yet to find
Caught in this trap but I broke free, keep testing me
Try to stop me from who I can be
You think you'll trip me up, yeah you know me

Play my cards right, and I’ll get out
That’s what they said, how could I doubt

Why can’t I help my self, I don’t know why

It all seems pointless, whichever way I go
I see dead ends, no matter where I look

I feel trapped, I can’t get out
Until I search within doubt

Oh Oracle
What cards do I hold
Is there any hope for me
Can I play my hand or should I fold

Oh Oracle
I have no cards to hold
I threw them off into the wind
My life is mine and now I know
Track Name: Empty Threats
Can’t focus on the negative, you’re making a bed
If all you see is bad than you’re already dead
My family, my friends, the love I find in others
All these things in my life are what keep it bearable

Had these people in my life when I needed them most
If I couldn’t look to them, I don’t know where I’d go
I’d be a ship without an anchor that’s out lost on water
I’d be a son without a father who no longer cared to bother

I can’t fight your battles for you, but I can swing from the side
And you can bet your sorry self that I’ll sure as hell try

I’ll be that solid foundation you need
Try my best to keep me from breaking
But all this is starting to get to me
I’m sorry but I think I’m cracking

I carry a heavy burden on my back
Weighing me down, giving no slack
This weight is getting to me and my knees
Feel like I’m bending; I feel like I’m breaking down

I can’t fight your battles for you, but I can swing from the side
And you can bet your sorry self that I’ll sure as hell try

I've grown so tired for always getting burned
Receiving hurt that I never did earn
I'm on a losing streak that I cannot beat
Everyones been done dirty, gotta keep yourself clean

We all have baggage, so try to ligthen your load
Because looking back, these things, they matter no more
Track Name: Upright - Hallowed
There's no light for this one
To home to crawl back to
Waking up in a nightmare
That should have been a paradise

Back to the black
Surrounded by the militant minded
Stuck in ties that forever hold them down
Continually searching the abyss

The story was set here
In the backstreets of a living hell
But what do we know
But the same thing, mundane shit we see everyday

Waking up in a nightmare
That should have been a paradise
Passersby don't seem to care
For the ones that live there

The children, the families
Dying in the streets
Surrendered to their fate
Searching just to find
Peace of mind


Struck by some misfortune in life
They walk with a halo of shame
They were never meant to wear
Hollows of what they used to be

Kept down
Lock and key
No way out from this pit of despair

No second chances

So don't give me your empathy
Or your fucking pity
Give me your anger
The hate is the cure for this disease
Track Name: Upright - Cold
No one to trust
There is no peace inside my head
Lost everything that i once held close
Struggling to live in this hell you left me in

Plagued by anxiety
Haunted by the things I've done
And all the things I've lost
Memories I can't get away from

I've never felt so cold
Inside and out

I believe in curses
Because I'm trapped in my own skin

And no matter how much I pray
I'll never find the peace that you gave me

I will never forgive myself
For all the pain I've caused
Everytime I close my eyes
I see your face

Embrace the pain
Say goodbye